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Peachey Builders' excellent record is a reflection of our attitude about safety. With every project, We have a "company-wide commitment to a safe work environment." This commitment is reflected at every level of our company.

Employee: Our mandatory safety orientation program teaches the value and importance of safety to all employees This two-part safety awareness program, along with other classes, begins our employees' career-long safety education process. We also stress personal accountability for every employee and offer safety incentives to help reinforce and encourage this accountability.

Project: Safety directly impacts the cost, quality, and schedule of a project, so we take the necessary steps to avoid incidents. Prior to construction, the project team identifies any potential safety hazards and conditions. Our safety coordinators attentively oversee the safety on the jobsite. Inspections help identify any safety deficiencies and provide the opportunity to plan for any potential hazards associated with the next phase of work.


Corporate: Peachey Builders' commitment to safety stretches to the highest levels of the company. We challenge ourselves to develop initiatives to further improve our safety program. To date, we regularly meet and exceed expectations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
It is our belief that accidents causing injuries to people, damage to property, or loss of product can and should be prevented. Through inspections, meetings and incentive programs based on peer review, we inform and educate employees regarding correct safety procedure and motivate them to make proper use of this information. Full-time Safety Managers and Quality Control personnel support all Peachey's projects. Peachey's loss prevention measures, and our attitude of "zero tolerance" for safety violations, has resulted in a consistently favorable experience modifier. .

Peachey Builders utilizes Sky-Web II® which is an innovative passive restraint system that protects workers from falls at the leading edge of a roof. It does this by providing a “web” of knotted nylon mesh that is attached to the perimeter of the roof’s secondary structural members. With minimal investment, Sky-Web II® increases safety and efficiency, reduces injury, and is easy to install. Click here to view their information