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Our Philosophy

Honesty, Integrity, Truthfulness, Reliability are nothing more than words until you put them into practice.

At Peachey Builders we live by this and you can be assured that our corporate and personal philosophy includes all of these traits. In the last 60 years our company has grown because we started with these values and incorporated them in our work environment, and in fact, into our entire attitude towards our clients, subcontractors, vendors, and employees. We also believe that it's essential to our business that our clients building needs are carefully assessed and met in a timely and logical fashion.

Earning your trust, and your business is our primary objective. We believe that to deserve trust it's vital that a business incorporates all of the aforementioned values into their business model. We make every effort to subscribe to a business "style" that puts our clients first, making sure every attention to detail is met, and in finding new ways to create value beyond customer expectations.


At Peachey Builders sticking to the tried and true values that helped us to grow to what we are today, has become our philosophy and helped the many businesses we have as clients to happily grow as well. Our belief in this will endure always. .